Monday, January 15, 2007

let it snow

i'm not a snow lover. but, this winter, i did start to miss our typical michigan weather. (mainly because this year was the year i decided to accept the fact i live in a snow state and go snow boarding only to have an untypically WARM winter...all because i wanted to partake in outdoor activities for once!) ....not at all......anyway, i was very pleased to wake up this morning to this (yes, it's our first snow of the season! and it's january 15th!!):

the road in front of our house (above)....that's our 5th wheel on the left and the drive on the right belongs to the people across the street...

the pond in our back yard (above)...makes you want to curl up next to the fire, pop in a good movie, sip some hot cocoa, and knit, doesn't it?
on a totally unrelated topic....i just recieved a letter from wondra in the mail. the package contained a bag of dried lavender (did she do it herself? one can only's absolutely lovely..i have the bag next to my bed on my nightstand so i can smell it when i go to sleep..) two hand made christmas ornaments, three charms, and a piece of unpolished amethyst (below)..
my progress on the pi vest from knit 1 mag (below)...i'm hoping to get it done before i leave to visit wondra in version will be all grey with maroon stripes on the in harry potter....

and a christmas gift from my cousin (below)....a hank of yarn, size 1 double pointed needles, a pattern for gloves, and an obsenly large gift card to an awsome yarn store (not pictured...)


Wondra said...

I love those pictures! Is it still snowing there?

I'm so glad you got my package all in one piece. I was worried. :)

Oooh. I can't wait to see your vest. Did you get your etsy up?

Wondra said...

Sorry I had to go so quickly last night! Jay was being pissy with me in the background. :(