Friday, July 18, 2008

fun finds

i went to my local thrift shop yesterday and found some great stuff!

a travel coffee pot i can plug into the wall or cigarette lighter in my car

a couple vintage crochet books, a cookie cookbook, and a miles davis cd

and (no, they aren't real cookies!) cookie soap and bath bombs!! the ones with the sprinkles are lemon and the other ones are cinnamon nutmeg bath bombs! they look, feel, and smell like real cookies! the bombs even crumble like real cookies! awfully tempting! yum!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

expensive day

my new books came in the mail yesterday! YAY!! they're pretty awsome! i can't wait to get started on some of the projects.

i haven't gotten the kit yet, but i just sent the check out in the mail yesterday, so i imagine i'll be getting that soon!

my kitties just got back from the vets this morning...i had them cost $420.00!!! i was floored! i think i hid my shock pretty well wasn't just the surgury though...they also got vaccines, ear mite medicine, and blood work to make sure their livers and everything else was working like it should....but now they're safe and sound at home and i'll never have a bill that large again!

so on top of that, my ENTIRE exhaust system on my car FELL OFF! so i had to get that fixed today as well...that ended up costing me $500.00! plus i had to buy a new O2 sensor for my car which cost about $70. so i ended up spending close to $1000 today! sheesh..that could've bought a lot of yarn!

Monday, July 14, 2008

new knit and crochet community

i just joined the community at it looks really cool so far...i'm just playing with and learning the features now...but you can organize your stash, needles, books, patterns, projects, and future projects all in one place.. plus there's a forum and looks like it's going to be an awsome site!
it's still new, and because of this they ask that you put your name on a waiting list to join. that's so they won't overload their server, but they send you an invite in a few days, and trust me, it's WORTH THE WAIT!! it's also totally free! so far, it's the best fiber community i've found...
have a great day and check out ravelry!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

christmas in july!

i ordered some more knitting books and a knitting kit today!! yay!! the books i acctually ordered a few days ago so they should be here by tuesday...

this is the knitting kit and pattern i by the time i finish it i'll have someone to show it off to...i also ordered the pattern and kit for the stockings that go with it...not sure i'd want the knitted thong, but i ordered a kit for a bigger size than i am, so i might be able to make panties instead....

the books i ordered are:

knitting lingere style: by joan mcgowan-michael

sexy little knits: by ashley paige

naughty needles: by nikol lohr


Doodle Stitching: by aimee ray

this last one doesn't really fit the theme, but it looked really interesting! i can't wait to get my packages!! eeeee!!