Friday, July 18, 2008

fun finds

i went to my local thrift shop yesterday and found some great stuff!

a travel coffee pot i can plug into the wall or cigarette lighter in my car

a couple vintage crochet books, a cookie cookbook, and a miles davis cd

and (no, they aren't real cookies!) cookie soap and bath bombs!! the ones with the sprinkles are lemon and the other ones are cinnamon nutmeg bath bombs! they look, feel, and smell like real cookies! the bombs even crumble like real cookies! awfully tempting! yum!!


silverblayze said...

Glad to see you're blogging again Drew. I too have been thrifting quite a bit lately. Found some groovy coffee mugs if you want to hop over to my blog: a Shimmering Star. Also, I added you on Ravelry.

wondra said...

I *heart* thriftshopping. I picked up some great finds at a car boot sale two weeks ago. I love the bathbombs.