Sunday, December 14, 2008

new years resolutions

a few new years resolutions:

1) quit smoking

2) get off my weight flag

3) knit (and finish) a new project every month

for my first knitting project i want to do something lacey and sexy. it'll probably be white, because instead of fighting the never ending snow this season, i've accepted the fact that i'm stuck in siberia (well, michigan, but it's similar). i will be a snow vixen, the ice queen. so, something white, possibly with silver beads because i like the snow that shimmers like glitter.

I was thinking this...but in white with beading in the collar and cuffs. sexy....the pattern is from Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Micheal

i hope it's not to'll be my second sweater (the first one is febuary lady sweater for my mom)

Sunday, November 09, 2008



Friday, November 07, 2008


so, i haven't gotten very far on my novel....only 633 words, but i let rachel read it and she likes it...i'm starting to wonder if i'll ever finish a book! i had inspiration and worked on it for about an hour the other night, but that's it! i just can't get into it! oh well...i'll finish it someday!

anyway..wondra, i had a dream i visited you and you were pregnant! weird...youre not are you? lol!! j/k! anyway, i'll be back soon!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

one more day!

first, i want to say happy birthday wondra!!

next, i figured out what i want to write about (last night, while i was drifting off to sleep). ruined my sleep of course. but, at least i'm not freaking out as much. i'm going to write about a woman who gets abducted by her stalker and taken to a remote location....don't know what to classify the story as though...don't really care, i'll figure that out later.

anyway, my sweater is coming along....i haven't worked on it tonight, but i did count the stitches. i gave up on knitting tonight though because i was one stitch off...didn't feel like dealing with it tonight.

tommarrow is halloween (it's already halloween in wales though!). my mom and i are going to watch a seven hour live ghost hunter show..i'll work on the sweater then...i should be able to get a big chunk done in seven hours...i really want to work on other things, but i'm determined to acctually finish this project before i start another one....i can overcome my knitters a.d.d!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


it's almost here! national novel writing month! i can't wait, but i'm dreading it! i still have no idea what i'm writing about. but, hey, i'll just start writing and we'll see what comes of it. anywho, i've gotta go. love you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

dont really have much to say. just wanted to post to let everyone know i'm still alive! i'm making progress with my sweater....i've almost gotten to the lace part (it's worked top down and the collar and chest area are garter stitch). i've even finished all three button holes...i think i've got four more increase rows (eight rows total). i can't wait to get to the lace part, it's very easy (i've already made a swatch!!! i couldn't help it!) this is my first sweater (well, first one that will be finished any how...i've started another one but, i'd get the front and back done and put it down for a few months and loose my place) i've taken detailed notes on this one so i don't think i'll be in danger of loosing my place, plus i'm obsessed with counting the stitches every row (obsessed or paranoid? i think the later).
wondra, i really want to come over and see you! i had a dream last night that i met the love of my life in london! mabey it was prince william! yeah...
anyway, i've got to turn in! i'm VERY tired!
mabey tommarrow i'll sew my costume! or mabey it will never get done cause i'm lazy, plus i have no idea how to use a sewing machine!
anyway, good night

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ok, so i was trying to take a pic of the kittens to show someone who is interested and i got something else...there is a cat in the top right corner and one in the middle....and it would appear there is another playing with them that we couldn't see with the naked eye...hmmm...

we have had a lot more than usual amount af kitties pass away in the past few years, so it wouldn't suprise me if a couple decided to hang around...

speaking of kitties passing away, captain jack was hit by a car a few days ago and two of the four kitties i was bottle feeding died today...:( sad times...

but we finally FINISHED the kitty enclosure, so they will be safe from raccoons and far they really like it!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

finally, blogger cooperated! here is my absolutely fabulous craft desk! floor to ceiling
(and we've got 10 ft. ceilings!) there are a few sci fi books on the top middle section, and some paperwork in the middle. but everything else is craft supplies or books! i'd like to get or make some prettier storage containers..mabey i'll cover my exsiting ones with decorated scrapbook paper, since i have tons of it! i've still got three or four fourty gallon totes in my closet with yarn, scrapbook stuff, and random crafty things, plus boxes of knitting magazines...i don't know what i want to do with them yet...but really, can a girl have to much craft things?

the desk itself was made for my brother for his birthday by my step dad is so handy! it was then taken over by my mom when my brother was shipped out and became her craft desk, but i moved in shortly after that and i'm in my brothers old room (he took over my old room after i moved out!), but the desk had to stay because it was to big to get out the door (yes, the desk was built in the room!) but, i really like it, and i don't have to find art to cover the bland white walls, and my funky leopard bench fits perfectly under it!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

cat enclosure this is a whole new post for those who already read the one i previously posted about our new cat enclosure....SOMEHOW in the editing process, i tried to upload photos and suceeded in two things: 1) my photos were uploaded successfully *yay*, and 2) my post was deleted *grr*.

but, all's well that end's well...i got the pics and that's all that matters...

here is our cat enclosure:

on a sadder note, i lost my job last night...not fun...don't want to talk about it...but, that leaves me a WHOLE lot of time to work on items for my etsy...SO, i reorganized my desk so now it's a craft workspace...and my desk is AWSOME!!

and, once again, blogger is having trouble uploading photos, so, you'll have to wait to see my floor to ceiling craft desk...

Friday, July 18, 2008

fun finds

i went to my local thrift shop yesterday and found some great stuff!

a travel coffee pot i can plug into the wall or cigarette lighter in my car

a couple vintage crochet books, a cookie cookbook, and a miles davis cd

and (no, they aren't real cookies!) cookie soap and bath bombs!! the ones with the sprinkles are lemon and the other ones are cinnamon nutmeg bath bombs! they look, feel, and smell like real cookies! the bombs even crumble like real cookies! awfully tempting! yum!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

expensive day

my new books came in the mail yesterday! YAY!! they're pretty awsome! i can't wait to get started on some of the projects.

i haven't gotten the kit yet, but i just sent the check out in the mail yesterday, so i imagine i'll be getting that soon!

my kitties just got back from the vets this morning...i had them cost $420.00!!! i was floored! i think i hid my shock pretty well wasn't just the surgury though...they also got vaccines, ear mite medicine, and blood work to make sure their livers and everything else was working like it should....but now they're safe and sound at home and i'll never have a bill that large again!

so on top of that, my ENTIRE exhaust system on my car FELL OFF! so i had to get that fixed today as well...that ended up costing me $500.00! plus i had to buy a new O2 sensor for my car which cost about $70. so i ended up spending close to $1000 today! sheesh..that could've bought a lot of yarn!

Monday, July 14, 2008

new knit and crochet community

i just joined the community at it looks really cool so far...i'm just playing with and learning the features now...but you can organize your stash, needles, books, patterns, projects, and future projects all in one place.. plus there's a forum and looks like it's going to be an awsome site!
it's still new, and because of this they ask that you put your name on a waiting list to join. that's so they won't overload their server, but they send you an invite in a few days, and trust me, it's WORTH THE WAIT!! it's also totally free! so far, it's the best fiber community i've found...
have a great day and check out ravelry!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

christmas in july!

i ordered some more knitting books and a knitting kit today!! yay!! the books i acctually ordered a few days ago so they should be here by tuesday...

this is the knitting kit and pattern i by the time i finish it i'll have someone to show it off to...i also ordered the pattern and kit for the stockings that go with it...not sure i'd want the knitted thong, but i ordered a kit for a bigger size than i am, so i might be able to make panties instead....

the books i ordered are:

knitting lingere style: by joan mcgowan-michael

sexy little knits: by ashley paige

naughty needles: by nikol lohr


Doodle Stitching: by aimee ray

this last one doesn't really fit the theme, but it looked really interesting! i can't wait to get my packages!! eeeee!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

been a while...i know. i've been lazy. but, since i moved, i've lost the chord to my camera, so i can't upload photos if i wanted to...oh well...i'll post again soon...i'm just tired now.