Wednesday, July 16, 2008

expensive day

my new books came in the mail yesterday! YAY!! they're pretty awsome! i can't wait to get started on some of the projects.

i haven't gotten the kit yet, but i just sent the check out in the mail yesterday, so i imagine i'll be getting that soon!

my kitties just got back from the vets this morning...i had them cost $420.00!!! i was floored! i think i hid my shock pretty well wasn't just the surgury though...they also got vaccines, ear mite medicine, and blood work to make sure their livers and everything else was working like it should....but now they're safe and sound at home and i'll never have a bill that large again!

so on top of that, my ENTIRE exhaust system on my car FELL OFF! so i had to get that fixed today as well...that ended up costing me $500.00! plus i had to buy a new O2 sensor for my car which cost about $70. so i ended up spending close to $1000 today! sheesh..that could've bought a lot of yarn!

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