Sunday, July 13, 2008

christmas in july!

i ordered some more knitting books and a knitting kit today!! yay!! the books i acctually ordered a few days ago so they should be here by tuesday...

this is the knitting kit and pattern i by the time i finish it i'll have someone to show it off to...i also ordered the pattern and kit for the stockings that go with it...not sure i'd want the knitted thong, but i ordered a kit for a bigger size than i am, so i might be able to make panties instead....

the books i ordered are:

knitting lingere style: by joan mcgowan-michael

sexy little knits: by ashley paige

naughty needles: by nikol lohr


Doodle Stitching: by aimee ray

this last one doesn't really fit the theme, but it looked really interesting! i can't wait to get my packages!! eeeee!!

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