Sunday, November 26, 2006

etsy+knits=exciting stuff

i really want to start my etsy shop, so i bought a few things to get it started! yay!

here's all the beads and stuff i bought. they're JUST for jewelry i plan on selling in my etsy. i've already made two pieces! go me! i just have to get around to opening my shop!
here's the scarf i started for curtis. orange is his favorite color, so i found a yarn with a bunch of different shades. i think the piece looks like a pile of leaves...hmm...mabey i can use that as an excuse to jump on him every time he wears it!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


it's been a while....hmm...gotta get on more often....but, i've got a good excuse!! i met someone...he's ex ranger, and he has a friggen degree! more on him later....don't want to give too much of my yummy goodness away...i want to keep him to myself for a little while! (not to mention i don't have any digital pics of him yet and i want to post pics!!)

anyway, a few updates....

haven't been working on much....i made my first dishcloth...(usually a first project for most, but me? i wait three years!! muahaha!!) it's bright orange (for my's his favorite color)
i also started a scarf with different shades of orange in them for him....(i know...i'm a dork!)

my dad wants me to make him a hat that comes down to cover his ears and the back of his neck so it'll keep the wind off him while he hunts...

i've also been commissioned by a customer to make a scarf....i've got one of the yarns for it already, but need to find a good contrasting yarn...

there are so many things i want to make! i want to make my honey an orange sweater for christmas, and some green, maroon, and blue pillows for his couch....mabey i should make something for me in there LIKE making stuff for makes me feel like i'm taking care of him! anyway, gotta go to bed! i'll post more often..i promise!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


it's been a while since my last post....well, a lot has gone on....this week has been really weird....the ups were high, the downs was great....
let me just start with this weekend....saturday i was supposed to go to a concert in battle creek, but i was VERY VERY sick the night before (stomach flu is going around..blah!), so they sent me, i just slept for the entire day....what's worse, there's a syst on my tailbone (i know, i know....very gross) that got really infected and i couldn't sit, stand, lay, was a BIG, it was also affecting my health by bringing my temp up...SO, i went to the doctors on tuesday and he accused me of letting it go for a long time! he ACCTUALLY yelled at me.....Listen, doc, it started getting infected on SATURDAY...when the darn office is CLOSED! it's not like i let it go for weeks! so, he drained it and put me on antibiotics....and vicadin....mmmm....vicadin.....
today was very good indeed...i went again to the doc's office thinking i was going to have a surgical procedure done (him removing the syst completely), so, i took a vicadin before hand and alana drove me....when i got there, all he did was change my gauze! phew! i REALLY didn't want to go under the knife again with nothing but local anastesia (i know i spell worth a crap!) so, i wasn't in ANY pain, and, on top of that, i'm high from the meds! later on i got some really good news, but i'll have to wait to share that! and tonight, owen called!!! he's back in the states and will be here on the 15th-ish....i can't wait...hopefully my wound from the syst is healed by then....nothing more sexy than a big hole in your ass!
since this IS a knitting blog, i should update on my knitted items....
i finished chris case's scarf, started a scarf for cheryl lynn, and started a scarf for alana (which i'm almost done with) for payment for helping me out for the last couple of days! i don't know what i'd do without her!
WONDRA- i need an idea for something knit for you! do you want a scarf, wrist warmers, a hat? just gimme an idea, i'll think of the rest! (colors would be cool to!)
so, my mom said to me today that i have to be out by the end of the year! wow....i mean, i was planning on getting an appartment when i got my bills paid, but's almost like because i'm not going active duty right away, she's punishing me by kicking me out.....i need to be here until next summer..(i mean in michigan)...there's no going around that....i've got certain obligations.....but man....i dunno...mabey i'm looking to far into it...whatever....i was planning on moving out soon anyway....
well, i've got a doctor's appointment in seven hours and i still need to go to bed! i'll talk coming as soon as i find my camera!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

can't wait

mmmm...jonny depp....this is the photo that jay (wondra's husband) will be using to draw my pic! yay!! i can't WAIT!!! jonny depp is so hot....especially as captain jack sparrow...i dunno, i guess i've always gone for those bad boys....

i won't tell you what i had to do to get a hand drawn photo...but, if you use your resources, you may be able to figure it out!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Poo Bear

June 14, 2006-August 16, 2006
sleep tight baby...we'll miss you

Monday, August 14, 2006 goodies

i got a burst of creativity last night...(while watching project runway, of course!)
i give you my furry muff:
(crappy photos, you can't see detail...not that there is much...)

buttons say "militaires equipements"

alana's VERY FIRST project!!!
the bottom part is the first you can see, it got a lot better!

Alana's second project-a green and white scarf for her brother....
much better job than the pink dishcloth from hell....
all the rows are even...i'm very proud of her! (and i taught her!! yay!)

so there you have it...what i've been up!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i finished the first glove!! it turned out really nice....i still need to weave the ends in though, but i'm going to grayling for three days, so i'll do that and knit the other glove while i'm there!

side view


close up of cables on bottom edge

a few hats i did before i went to basic

i ripped the white and green one out and restarted it because it was WAY to big...i had to pull it tight in the back for the pic...but other than that, i liked the way it looked, so i'm definetly going to re knit it....

Sunday, August 06, 2006


yay! my images were successfully uploaded!!! now i can post pics of my garter!!!

here's what it looks like (ends not weaved in and no ribbon)

and here's a pic to show how big the hook was! it was very very very tiny, but, i was so into it that it only took about three hours to crochet!

and now for updates of my kittens:
Luna, Riddick, and Capt. Jack Sparrow (in that order from top to bottom)

Riddick and Capt. Jack Sparrow
(don't they look like a heart?)

Luna and Leelu (leelu is the white one...her name is about to change...)
i call this pic yin yang....

There's one more kitten i don't have a pic of for some reason! i don't know why! he looks like luna (the grey one) but with a longer stub for a tail and no spot on hir chin....(btw...luna, leelu, and snape (the other grey one) are all minx which are born without tails)

Friday, August 04, 2006


ok, so i went to the blogger help site and looked for problems with the pics uploading.....this is what i found:

"Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Some users are noticing problems with photo uploading timing out or taking a very long time to respond. We're looking into this and will post an update when there is more information."

now, this is a big problem especially with blogs like mine where a big part of the blog revolves around pics....there have been other issues that have come up after this particular one that have already been resolved....i'm starting to get a little impatient....for now, i'll just take a deep breath, and count to ten, and hope my head doesn't explode!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


ok, so i started a garter for jenny's wedding, and i would post pics, BUT for some reason blogger won't let me....said it was a network error....SO TO THE BLOGGER MAINTINANCE STAFF: please fix it.....

Monday, July 31, 2006

mmmmm....yummy yarn

i've been bad...i went shopping at my lys....but i saw these two yarns and thought..."ohhhhh....fingerless gloves!!!" so i bought them...

debbie bliss cashmerino aran in pink (color 300603), filati yarn in tintada, and Knit Simple magazine...
it's funny cause i had no idea how i was going to make these gloves, then i was just browsing online for a pattern and i came across these:
they use the exact same yarn that i bought, it was what i was looking for, and it was totally by accident....i think it was a case of divine intervention....YAY!!!! it was ment to be! i want to trim them in the brown fur and i want them to be a little longer...probably up to my elbows...we'll see...if i have enough yarn left, i'll make a matching hat....mabey i'll go back and buy enough for a purse too!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

i'm a robot

awsome....just awsome....i always knew i was a robot....


A human transformer (Robot in disguise)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

new blog (still keeping this one!!!)

since i've been here, i've been keeping a practice journal (as ordered by my private instructor who happened to be the former first could i NOT!). but, even though i HAD to keep the journal, i think it's a great idea and i want to keep it up after i get home. i'm definetly more likely to practice when i'm keeping record...i dunno, it's a mental thing....
anyway, that got me thinking...i'm a blogger. what could be more perfect than keeping an ONLINE practice journal to share with my friends and mabey help out a few fellow clarinetist out there? one problem...can't come up with a, i'm nominating all my readers (ahem...wondra, since you're the only one who reads my blog....) to help me come up with a name! i really can't wait to get
i was thinking...killer clarinet, squeeky sounds, etc.....i just don't
for now, ta ta!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

one more week!!!

just think, by this time next week, i'll be home with a pair of knitting needles in my hands FINALLY being able to knit for the first time in about three or four months. i'm really excited....of course, i'm kinda anxious too....i want to go home NOW!!! oh well....we only have two more training days anyhow.

so, one of the first projects i'm going to do is called maidensglory found here:
it's absolutely georgeous. i think i'll make one for my friend in wales too.

i also want to make a bouquet of the lilies in the summer issue of knitty for my friends wedding. (

i really aught to finish my cable sweater from hollywood knits, the umpteen million scarves for my various friends that i promised them ages ago, and all the other miscellaneous projects i've started in the past two fact i think that i've only finished about five projects in the two and a half years i've been knitting! that's not good!! hahaha....whoops

i also need to make a pirate shirt from the spring issue of knit 1 before halloween (can you guess what i'm going to be?) and a baby blanket and booties for my friend who's due in august. plus my aunt just adopted a baby so she needs something for him, and my other aunt just had a baby, so he needs something too! phew! i'm definetly going to be a busy girl this summer when i get home!

Friday, July 14, 2006

where one door closes.....

i love the fact that the internet is at the'm having fun....

on a more serious note, my mom called me today to tell me that one of my kittens died.....he got out of my room and we think the dog got excited and wanted to play....they didn't mean to hurt the baby.......but, we're gaining two kittens that just lost their of the outdoor kitties was hit by a car and she has two small kittens, so we're gonna see if fern will nurse them...i really hope she will, so keep your fingers crossed.....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

wish list

so, my birthday's in less than a month (august 2nd, to be exact..) i decided to create a wish list for all you people who have no idea what to get me (because i'm sick of thinking of things right on the spot).... goes

~a hand drawn bust of jonny depp as cpt. jack sparrow....(**ahem, wondra-rather, wondra's husband**)
~anything pirate/cpt. sparrow related....
~crafting supplies (anything, really, i'm open to trying new things!)
~cool sock yarn (enough to make two socks!)
~yarn, yarn, YARN

from this site:

~Hardcore Jr. Ringer T-Shirt in pink/salmon (xl)
~Tania Howells for Knitty Wall Clock
~Jr. Raglan in black/white (xl)
~Yarn Ho Women's Raglan Hoodie in black/white (xl)
~Chicks with sticks journal
~Born 2 knit Jr. Raglan in black/white (xl)
~I'd rather be knitting Jr. Spaghetti Tank in (L)
~Classic Thong in (L)
~Yarn Addict Jr. Ringer T-Shirt in mint/avacado (xl)
~I'd rather be knitting Jr. Ringer T-Shirt in pink/salmon (xl)
~Tell the guy behind you who you are! (a licsense plate cover...."knitters are better drivers, acctually, knitters are better at everything...")

from this site:

~Pirates of the Caribbean II Captain Jack Sparrow with Sound 12
~Pirates of the Caribbean II Jack Patch
~Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow Mini Bust

More updates to come! (i'm a very greedy person....muahaha)


so, we phased up today, which means we have TONS of new i can drink, i can go off post, i can drink.....but it really sucks cause i have no money....cabs cost a butt ton of cash and so does battle buddies spotted me yesterday and we went and saw pirates of the carribean 2....jonny depp is so hot.....and we now i owe two people $20 really, since i have no cash (because the army didn't get my paper work in on time to pay me on the first) i'm really, really, REALLY bored until the fifteenth.....and i hate owing people money.....
a list (more of a reminder for myself) of what i owe to people:
conjertie- $15.00
rookus- $20.00
tagarook- carton of smokes (camel silvers...)

you know why i'm out of cash? cause i'm too nice of a person and paid for peoples bowling....i probably spent about $150 in one weekend on bowling alone....won't do that again though....but, my next paycheck will be a double, so i should be ok....
i'm going to try to save some money too....
we'll see how that goes...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

so i'm at AIT. i'm having a blast....yes, i can use the internet....and i'm talking to my friend....
i can also have my cell phone and my cigarettes.....but, for now i've gotta go...just wanted you to know that i'm still alive....i'll talk at you later!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

while the mamma's away, the kitties will...hmm....

this is what happens when you leave you're kitty for nine weeks......i had my mom take her to the vet to get fixed after my first paycheck came in and we found out that she was pregnant....but they are TOO cute! my dad acctually thinks that we're going to give them away! HA HA HA!!!!

proud mamma

kitty pile!!!

sleepy time

Monday, June 12, 2006

i'm back!

well, i survived basic really wasn't as hard as i thought it would be! i think the hardest part was being away from home for nine weeks (ten really, if you count reception)....but i made it! i didn't really loose weight though....that's kinda a bummer....what happened was i gained fifteen pounds in muscle weight, then lost fifteen in fat, so i'm a little slimmer...which is ok.....i dont mind cause i'm buff now! i think what i'll do is post a new story every night, but i'm way to tired tonight to do that. after all, i'm used to going to bed at 21:00, and it's 02:27! C-R-A-Z-Y!!!! i feel like i should be getting up in two hours (you know, cause we usually got up at 04:30)....
i really missed knitting and crocheting....i started a crocheted scarf's going to be a basic blue and white block scarf....nothing much...just enough to keep my hands busy until i leave for AIT (advanced individual training) next week....yes, i know, i just got back and i'm leaving again! but it's only four weeks this time! don't worry, much shorter this a vacation, really, cause it's right on virgina beach! i'll be at norfolk (which is a naval base, but the armed forces school of music is there...).....i heard it's a really nice base....
i bought a "i love my kitty" scrap book and a whole bunch of cat embelishments a mini kitty scrapbook for when i go to AIT....i know...just what a combat killer needs, huh? lol!!! that reminds me of a basic training story, but you'll get that tommarrow....(i know, leaving you hanging, huh? OH THE SUSPENSE!!!! with it!!)
i also bought some grean beads to make my brother's ex-girlfriend a rosary to send to her...i found out she's at the same post as i was and in the battalion RIGHT next to mine! i couldn't believe it! i thought i saw her the week i graduated, but at the time i didn't know she was down there, and i shrugged it off cause i thought she was back home...but that's another story that will have to wait for a later date!
i have tons of stories! BRM, pink foot baths, drill sergeants listening to inappropriate conversations, DS's watching dancing, grenades, big weapons, cute ass drill sergeants, promotions, etc....too many to tell right really am tired, i swear! i'll write first thing tommarrow, i promise! lol! but for now, sweet dreams of firing m-16's!! good night!

Friday, March 03, 2006


i went to meps on wed. and FINALLY enlisted! i'm so happy! i guess i worried over nothing! i'm very excited now...i leave for basic on march 22nd. i'm so ready for this!!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

nerves will kill...

tommarrow i'm heading down to chicago to enlist....i'm so nervous! my measurements and weight are RIGHT on the line, so if i'm not careful about what i eat from now until then it could go either way.....i'm having doubts...AHHHHHH!!!! please tell me that i'm just increadibly nervous and that everything is going to be ok......

Friday, February 24, 2006

bikini top update..

i've finished the second cup and am about to start on the straps...and yes, wondra, i will post a pic of my modeling the finished product (if it works out the way i'm hoping) just for you!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

bikini top

so, i got to work on that bikini top, and, much to my dismay, i only had enough yarn to do one cup..(i've probably got enough to do some of the straps too, but i want to wait until both cups are done), i went to meijer to buy another skien....almost had a heart attack to because at first, i didn't see my yarn! but, they DID have it.....the color is slightly off, but not enough to really notice...the only reason i noticed is because that's what i was looking for....anyway....i have one cup done and am about to start on the other cup and the straps....i can't wait! it's going to be so sexy!!

and no, those aren't straps, just unfinished ends....i think next one i'll knit the straps right into it without binding off...
i love the blue of the'll really bring out my eyes...(not that this top will allow anyones attention to be anywhere but my tatas.....)

i'm so bad...

ok, so i said i wouldn't be starting another project until ALL of the ones i started were finished...well, i lied.....the temptation of a new project is just to much for me to resist! this particular project has been in my head for AGES!!! it's a bikini top made from fun fur and knit tightly so my parts don't peek through...i've only got the basic outline of the pattern done so far (it's my first i've designed....all the patterns for knit bikini tops i've found wouldn't support my knockers), the yarn picked out, and a swatch.....just for an idea on how tight the stitch will be: the yarn calls for size 10.5 (6.5mm) needles, but i'm using size 7 (4.5mm). what's that? the fabric will be too stiff? not at all! the swatch was just the right stiffness for what i wanted...i NEED's my first designed top, so i'm really not sure how to do shaping and such....i'm kinda hoping that it'll stretch enough in places i need it the first knitting attempt i did, it streched enough (and i had to rewrite with less stitches on the needle..), so i'm ok with it! wish me luck!

here's where i got the idea of using fun fur for the top:
fuzzy bikini top it's just so CUTE!!! the yarn i choose is
Lion Brand Fun Fur in is my favorite color....and it has flecks of silver in it... so cute!! i'll post pics of my progress later!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

this little heart of mine....

i wanted to do something that didn't involve knitting or crocheting, and i figured you can never have to many coin purses!! so here it is:

the pics make it look a lot more orange than it's really a deeper red color.....stupid camera...

Rockstar Scarf

i started my fuzzy rockstar scarf yesterday...i love how it's turning can kinda see the detail, but the pics don't do it justice....

the best part is that it matches my fingernail polish!! i added a couple rows of black too..but i've just been lazy and haven't taken any pics's another pic of what i've got so far:
it's a bummer that you can't see the detail of the scarf from the's so airy and delicate...but it definetly ROCKS!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


i just realized that i have TONS of needles and TONS of much in fact that i have no idea what i've got! i really should make an inventory.....what i really want is a wall unit with open boxes (much like what is at a yarn store...) to display all my yarn goodness.....and perhaps a wooden needle holder to hang on the wall as well....right now most of my needles are in a beer stien on top of my entertainment center, which is not the most convenient place for them as i'm constantly reaching up to grab what i want.....someday i'll be organized, perhaps......someday.....

must be strong....

i really need to stop starting new projects when i've already got tons on the neeldes.....i'm already working on four projects! and i've got a few more in mind.....must be strong.......

Here's a pic of my kittie (fern....aka..fernula, fernace, inferno....) helping my out! she's so cute when she's not being viscious!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Random Photos....

i went to jenny's house the other day and brought my digital........(oh lord....)

me and alana playing dressup (and i just realized i have the joker's smile....umm.....)
hannah (jenny's daughter) and donovan (alana's son) in hannah's play house..('s a big box with holes cut in it!)

my big butt getting out of the makeshift play house... (look, you can see my thong!! gotta love those action shots!)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

i didn't go OVER BOARD!!!

i decided to visit my lys today because i haven't been in a while. i went with every intention to just say hi and NOT spend any money....however.....the call of so many good things was just to much....especially when most of the things i bought were half off... (you really can't beat half off a skein of yarn...)

here's what adopted me...

the two books are "creative crewel" copyright 1970, and "how to taylor" copyright 1965 (both for $ .50...), three patons "anna" skiens for $2.00 each, some wool for my first felting project..(a purse i have in mind..), copper buttons that say "equipements militaires", a skien of trellis yarn (a ribbon yarn...), and a skien of NY fluff (so very, very soft).....

as i was leaving, i saw a bundle of unspun wool...which reminded me.....i wanted to learn how to spin my own yarn! so....i turned my tail around and picked these up:

lime green, BRIGHT purple (bad pic...), and white so i can dye it with kool aide after it's spun....i even got a free lesson on how to use the thing! yippee!! i'm so excited....

so, then, after a full day of yarn shopping, i come home, and my mom drags me into her bathroom to give me about a thousand dollars of philosophy skin care products and true blue spa lotions (lotions are from bath and body works)...i was floored....i had a beauty day!!! and my skin looks so good! even after one use!! (what do you expect from 70 dollars a bottle??)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

i just got a package from wondra (in wales)....eeeeeee......*dances with glee*

here's what she sent:

there's lip and nipple balm in four tasty colours (and they make your...ahem...lips soft), a fuzzy monster purse she made (i may attach a black cord), a hippo candy (it was very delicious too...), boys are smelly and trendy wendy sticker sheets, a boys are dumb notepad, and scrabble block stickers that spell out "drew" (i love scrabble!!).....thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

she had asked me if i got the package yet and i hadn't, so i decided to check the mail and there it was....just chillin (literally) in the mailbox.....

on the needles...

i made a hat the other day with my new "knifty Knitter" yay.....

when i'm wearing it, you can barely see the purple....but the light from the flash made the purple really bright...

and a scarf that i'm making to match.....i love these colors together

i'm also working on a black and red scarf for alana...but it's straight knit and it's HUGE so it's awfully boring to knit....i should just get it done with for pete's sake!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

glove #1 done!!

i finished the right glove...FINALLY! it took me a week to do it...i shouldn't be so hard on myself though...i do work two jobs...i didn't use enough ribbon, but that's ok, cause it was just some scrap i had lying around...i'm going to buy black ribbon for it tommarrow....

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Elsie the cow cat

it's 5:00 a.m. and my mom just woke me up to tell me that my cat just died.....
she was fifteen and she went very quickly....i don't think she was in a lot of pain if any. i'm just glad i got to say goodbye....i know it sounds corny, but if you're a pet companion, and you've had a pet for that long, you'd understand.....i'm going to miss her....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

a few pics....

this is the fireplace my dad built this only took him a day and everything is's beautiful! i love how the family room is going to have a rustic lodge reminds me of a ski lodge...

.....and a pic of me for a friend who hasn't seen me since he left for iraq....
i just got off of working at the bar, so i'm EXTRA lovely! (you gotta love the smell of smoke and booze in your hair and clothes and the shinyness of your hair matted from smoke..not to mention food and beer spillages...)

busy busy busy....

let's see....having two jobs AND trying to get knitting projects done AND trying to have a social life all at the same time doesn't really work very's o.k. because i make the impossible happen....i am super girl! my motto: impossible is nothing....
i've got another section of my glove done....a little bit at a time. i love working on this project.....why, you ask? because it's not boring straight knit!!! THAT'S WHY!!
i kinda stretched the truth a little about my social life....the only social life i have right now is talking to one friend online every night while i'm resurching proper milk frothing techniques and latte art how to', in my social time, i'm doing stuff for work! i'm really not's my choice....i want to be the best barista i can be....
now i just need to find time to run...i CAN do it.....

Monday, January 23, 2006

i started working on a pair of fingerless opera length gloves today. they are going to be awsome. for the lace part i'm going to use black ribbon. i can't wait until they are done.

i got the pattern here:

she did an excellent job of writing a pattern. so far it's pretty easy to follow...