Wednesday, February 22, 2006

bikini top

so, i got to work on that bikini top, and, much to my dismay, i only had enough yarn to do one cup..(i've probably got enough to do some of the straps too, but i want to wait until both cups are done), i went to meijer to buy another skien....almost had a heart attack to because at first, i didn't see my yarn! but, they DID have it.....the color is slightly off, but not enough to really notice...the only reason i noticed is because that's what i was looking for....anyway....i have one cup done and am about to start on the other cup and the straps....i can't wait! it's going to be so sexy!!

and no, those aren't straps, just unfinished ends....i think next one i'll knit the straps right into it without binding off...
i love the blue of the'll really bring out my eyes...(not that this top will allow anyones attention to be anywhere but my tatas.....)


Wondra said...

Cool! Are you going to model for us? ;)

Anonymous said...

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