Monday, July 31, 2006

mmmmm....yummy yarn

i've been bad...i went shopping at my lys....but i saw these two yarns and thought..."ohhhhh....fingerless gloves!!!" so i bought them...

debbie bliss cashmerino aran in pink (color 300603), filati yarn in tintada, and Knit Simple magazine...
it's funny cause i had no idea how i was going to make these gloves, then i was just browsing online for a pattern and i came across these:
they use the exact same yarn that i bought, it was what i was looking for, and it was totally by accident....i think it was a case of divine intervention....YAY!!!! it was ment to be! i want to trim them in the brown fur and i want them to be a little longer...probably up to my elbows...we'll see...if i have enough yarn left, i'll make a matching hat....mabey i'll go back and buy enough for a purse too!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

i'm a robot

awsome....just awsome....i always knew i was a robot....


A human transformer (Robot in disguise)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

new blog (still keeping this one!!!)

since i've been here, i've been keeping a practice journal (as ordered by my private instructor who happened to be the former first could i NOT!). but, even though i HAD to keep the journal, i think it's a great idea and i want to keep it up after i get home. i'm definetly more likely to practice when i'm keeping record...i dunno, it's a mental thing....
anyway, that got me thinking...i'm a blogger. what could be more perfect than keeping an ONLINE practice journal to share with my friends and mabey help out a few fellow clarinetist out there? one problem...can't come up with a, i'm nominating all my readers (ahem...wondra, since you're the only one who reads my blog....) to help me come up with a name! i really can't wait to get
i was thinking...killer clarinet, squeeky sounds, etc.....i just don't
for now, ta ta!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

one more week!!!

just think, by this time next week, i'll be home with a pair of knitting needles in my hands FINALLY being able to knit for the first time in about three or four months. i'm really excited....of course, i'm kinda anxious too....i want to go home NOW!!! oh well....we only have two more training days anyhow.

so, one of the first projects i'm going to do is called maidensglory found here:
it's absolutely georgeous. i think i'll make one for my friend in wales too.

i also want to make a bouquet of the lilies in the summer issue of knitty for my friends wedding. (

i really aught to finish my cable sweater from hollywood knits, the umpteen million scarves for my various friends that i promised them ages ago, and all the other miscellaneous projects i've started in the past two fact i think that i've only finished about five projects in the two and a half years i've been knitting! that's not good!! hahaha....whoops

i also need to make a pirate shirt from the spring issue of knit 1 before halloween (can you guess what i'm going to be?) and a baby blanket and booties for my friend who's due in august. plus my aunt just adopted a baby so she needs something for him, and my other aunt just had a baby, so he needs something too! phew! i'm definetly going to be a busy girl this summer when i get home!

Friday, July 14, 2006

where one door closes.....

i love the fact that the internet is at the'm having fun....

on a more serious note, my mom called me today to tell me that one of my kittens died.....he got out of my room and we think the dog got excited and wanted to play....they didn't mean to hurt the baby.......but, we're gaining two kittens that just lost their of the outdoor kitties was hit by a car and she has two small kittens, so we're gonna see if fern will nurse them...i really hope she will, so keep your fingers crossed.....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

wish list

so, my birthday's in less than a month (august 2nd, to be exact..) i decided to create a wish list for all you people who have no idea what to get me (because i'm sick of thinking of things right on the spot).... goes

~a hand drawn bust of jonny depp as cpt. jack sparrow....(**ahem, wondra-rather, wondra's husband**)
~anything pirate/cpt. sparrow related....
~crafting supplies (anything, really, i'm open to trying new things!)
~cool sock yarn (enough to make two socks!)
~yarn, yarn, YARN

from this site:

~Hardcore Jr. Ringer T-Shirt in pink/salmon (xl)
~Tania Howells for Knitty Wall Clock
~Jr. Raglan in black/white (xl)
~Yarn Ho Women's Raglan Hoodie in black/white (xl)
~Chicks with sticks journal
~Born 2 knit Jr. Raglan in black/white (xl)
~I'd rather be knitting Jr. Spaghetti Tank in (L)
~Classic Thong in (L)
~Yarn Addict Jr. Ringer T-Shirt in mint/avacado (xl)
~I'd rather be knitting Jr. Ringer T-Shirt in pink/salmon (xl)
~Tell the guy behind you who you are! (a licsense plate cover...."knitters are better drivers, acctually, knitters are better at everything...")

from this site:

~Pirates of the Caribbean II Captain Jack Sparrow with Sound 12
~Pirates of the Caribbean II Jack Patch
~Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow Mini Bust

More updates to come! (i'm a very greedy person....muahaha)


so, we phased up today, which means we have TONS of new i can drink, i can go off post, i can drink.....but it really sucks cause i have no money....cabs cost a butt ton of cash and so does battle buddies spotted me yesterday and we went and saw pirates of the carribean 2....jonny depp is so hot.....and we now i owe two people $20 really, since i have no cash (because the army didn't get my paper work in on time to pay me on the first) i'm really, really, REALLY bored until the fifteenth.....and i hate owing people money.....
a list (more of a reminder for myself) of what i owe to people:
conjertie- $15.00
rookus- $20.00
tagarook- carton of smokes (camel silvers...)

you know why i'm out of cash? cause i'm too nice of a person and paid for peoples bowling....i probably spent about $150 in one weekend on bowling alone....won't do that again though....but, my next paycheck will be a double, so i should be ok....
i'm going to try to save some money too....
we'll see how that goes...