Sunday, April 24, 2011


It only took me four hours, but I am DONE with this bad boy! I'm sure that the more I make, the faster I'll get at sewing them...

I ran out of the material I used for the liner, so, for the straps I used a vintage sheet that belonged to my great grandmother!

This is the back of the purse.

And, of course a picture of the lining!

And just for fun, I decided to tempt fate and take this pic. These two are mortal enemies...if either knew that the other was only inches away...whoa nelly! Sabrina is the one on top, and Anna is the one under the chair!


I've been wanting to attempt a messenger tote for some time now. A few months ago I cut out the pieces and just forgot about it...Last night I came across those pieces and decided to give it a go...I didn't really get very far because I had to leave to hang out with a friend who was only in town for a couple days. But I did sew the flap piece. Here it is:

I love this Tee. The colour on the picture isn't really that good...the background is an almost antique white, or a light yellow...very nice.

For the opposite side of the flap, I decided to use the same cotton fabric I will be using as the lining, just to give it a little structure. I felt that if I used two pieces of tee shirt it would be to flimsy.

These are the front and back panels of the main purse. I haven't decided what piece I want for the back and what piece I want under the flap. I may assemble the piece and see what looks better. I'm thinking though that the yellow piece with the birds will go on the back.

I also have two small panels for the side and one for the bottom cut out, although I haven't decided if I want to use them yet. I also need to decide what fabric I will be using for the strap. I think that the tee shirt material would be way to stretchy....maybe I'll layer it with something else.

Well anyway, I'd better get back to assembling this bad boy! Have a wonderful day and enjoy the partial sun!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a few old projects

i haven't been able to update my blog because my computer died a while ago..well, i bought a shiny new computer with my tax return! it's funny, i acctually got used to living WITHOUT technology for a few weeks...when i returned to the internet, i didn't know what to do or what sites to go to! so, now, i'm only going to be on long enough to update my sites (blogger, etsy, facebook, etc...). so, here are a few projects that i've done (not ALL of them...just the ones i took pics batteries in my camera ALSO died....) you go:

my first zipper project...a pouch made from recycled denim...i don't really like the way the corners turned out...but i do like the way the lining turned out.

a couple pincusions i made from felt and bottle caps...yes, bottle the ones you get from soda bottles...they make a great base..keeps the needles from going all the way through...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Computer

Hey my regular readers! (all 2 of you!) I just got a new computer! YAY! So, now I have no excuse to not post! Now I just have to find my camera so I can add some pics of my latest creations!!