Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a few old projects

i haven't been able to update my blog because my computer died a while ago..well, i bought a shiny new computer with my tax return! it's funny, i acctually got used to living WITHOUT technology for a few weeks...when i returned to the internet, i didn't know what to do or what sites to go to! so, now, i'm only going to be on long enough to update my sites (blogger, etsy, facebook, etc...). so, here are a few projects that i've done (not ALL of them...just the ones i took pics of...my batteries in my camera ALSO died....) ANYWAY...here you go:

my first zipper project...a pouch made from recycled denim...i don't really like the way the corners turned out...but i do like the way the lining turned out.

a couple pincusions i made from felt and bottle caps...yes, bottle caps...like the ones you get from soda bottles...they make a great base..keeps the needles from going all the way through...

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Wondra said...

Nice! I want to see some purses though!