Saturday, July 15, 2006

one more week!!!

just think, by this time next week, i'll be home with a pair of knitting needles in my hands FINALLY being able to knit for the first time in about three or four months. i'm really excited....of course, i'm kinda anxious too....i want to go home NOW!!! oh well....we only have two more training days anyhow.

so, one of the first projects i'm going to do is called maidensglory found here:
it's absolutely georgeous. i think i'll make one for my friend in wales too.

i also want to make a bouquet of the lilies in the summer issue of knitty for my friends wedding. (

i really aught to finish my cable sweater from hollywood knits, the umpteen million scarves for my various friends that i promised them ages ago, and all the other miscellaneous projects i've started in the past two fact i think that i've only finished about five projects in the two and a half years i've been knitting! that's not good!! hahaha....whoops

i also need to make a pirate shirt from the spring issue of knit 1 before halloween (can you guess what i'm going to be?) and a baby blanket and booties for my friend who's due in august. plus my aunt just adopted a baby so she needs something for him, and my other aunt just had a baby, so he needs something too! phew! i'm definetly going to be a busy girl this summer when i get home!

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Wondra said...

You must be so excited to be going home! :) Ooooh. I'd definitely love one of those garlands! ;)