Sunday, July 09, 2006

wish list

so, my birthday's in less than a month (august 2nd, to be exact..) i decided to create a wish list for all you people who have no idea what to get me (because i'm sick of thinking of things right on the spot).... goes

~a hand drawn bust of jonny depp as cpt. jack sparrow....(**ahem, wondra-rather, wondra's husband**)
~anything pirate/cpt. sparrow related....
~crafting supplies (anything, really, i'm open to trying new things!)
~cool sock yarn (enough to make two socks!)
~yarn, yarn, YARN

from this site:

~Hardcore Jr. Ringer T-Shirt in pink/salmon (xl)
~Tania Howells for Knitty Wall Clock
~Jr. Raglan in black/white (xl)
~Yarn Ho Women's Raglan Hoodie in black/white (xl)
~Chicks with sticks journal
~Born 2 knit Jr. Raglan in black/white (xl)
~I'd rather be knitting Jr. Spaghetti Tank in (L)
~Classic Thong in (L)
~Yarn Addict Jr. Ringer T-Shirt in mint/avacado (xl)
~I'd rather be knitting Jr. Ringer T-Shirt in pink/salmon (xl)
~Tell the guy behind you who you are! (a licsense plate cover...."knitters are better drivers, acctually, knitters are better at everything...")

from this site:

~Pirates of the Caribbean II Captain Jack Sparrow with Sound 12
~Pirates of the Caribbean II Jack Patch
~Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow Mini Bust

More updates to come! (i'm a very greedy person....muahaha)


Wondra said...

LOL. Is that a HINT?

Wondra said...

Erm....Jay says he'll do a proper colour drawing of Cap'n Jack....

IF you'll flash your boobs on webcam at him (for a minimum of 30 seconds)! He says it's NON negotiable. Lol.