Sunday, August 06, 2006


yay! my images were successfully uploaded!!! now i can post pics of my garter!!!

here's what it looks like (ends not weaved in and no ribbon)

and here's a pic to show how big the hook was! it was very very very tiny, but, i was so into it that it only took about three hours to crochet!

and now for updates of my kittens:
Luna, Riddick, and Capt. Jack Sparrow (in that order from top to bottom)

Riddick and Capt. Jack Sparrow
(don't they look like a heart?)

Luna and Leelu (leelu is the white one...her name is about to change...)
i call this pic yin yang....

There's one more kitten i don't have a pic of for some reason! i don't know why! he looks like luna (the grey one) but with a longer stub for a tail and no spot on hir chin....(btw...luna, leelu, and snape (the other grey one) are all minx which are born without tails)

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