Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i finished the first glove!! it turned out really nice....i still need to weave the ends in though, but i'm going to grayling for three days, so i'll do that and knit the other glove while i'm there!

side view


close up of cables on bottom edge

a few hats i did before i went to basic

i ripped the white and green one out and restarted it because it was WAY to big...i had to pull it tight in the back for the pic...but other than that, i liked the way it looked, so i'm definetly going to re knit it....


Wondra said...

Cool stuff! You're so aweseome at knitting!

Wondra said...

Dude. If you made a pair of those gloves in black, I'd so buy them! Lol. You need to set up an etsy 'cause you are majorlly talented.