Thursday, October 30, 2008

one more day!

first, i want to say happy birthday wondra!!

next, i figured out what i want to write about (last night, while i was drifting off to sleep). ruined my sleep of course. but, at least i'm not freaking out as much. i'm going to write about a woman who gets abducted by her stalker and taken to a remote location....don't know what to classify the story as though...don't really care, i'll figure that out later.

anyway, my sweater is coming along....i haven't worked on it tonight, but i did count the stitches. i gave up on knitting tonight though because i was one stitch off...didn't feel like dealing with it tonight.

tommarrow is halloween (it's already halloween in wales though!). my mom and i are going to watch a seven hour live ghost hunter show..i'll work on the sweater then...i should be able to get a big chunk done in seven hours...i really want to work on other things, but i'm determined to acctually finish this project before i start another one....i can overcome my knitters a.d.d!!!

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Wondra said...

I hope you enjoyed your ghost hunter show! Your story sounds interesting!