Monday, October 27, 2008

dont really have much to say. just wanted to post to let everyone know i'm still alive! i'm making progress with my sweater....i've almost gotten to the lace part (it's worked top down and the collar and chest area are garter stitch). i've even finished all three button holes...i think i've got four more increase rows (eight rows total). i can't wait to get to the lace part, it's very easy (i've already made a swatch!!! i couldn't help it!) this is my first sweater (well, first one that will be finished any how...i've started another one but, i'd get the front and back done and put it down for a few months and loose my place) i've taken detailed notes on this one so i don't think i'll be in danger of loosing my place, plus i'm obsessed with counting the stitches every row (obsessed or paranoid? i think the later).
wondra, i really want to come over and see you! i had a dream last night that i met the love of my life in london! mabey it was prince william! yeah...
anyway, i've got to turn in! i'm VERY tired!
mabey tommarrow i'll sew my costume! or mabey it will never get done cause i'm lazy, plus i have no idea how to use a sewing machine!
anyway, good night

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Wondra. said...

You really need to come visit! I'm so glad you said William and not Harry! Lol.

What is your costume? Mine needs to be stitched up as well but I'm being lazy.