Friday, November 07, 2008


so, i haven't gotten very far on my novel....only 633 words, but i let rachel read it and she likes it...i'm starting to wonder if i'll ever finish a book! i had inspiration and worked on it for about an hour the other night, but that's it! i just can't get into it! oh well...i'll finish it someday!

anyway..wondra, i had a dream i visited you and you were pregnant! weird...youre not are you? lol!! j/k! anyway, i'll be back soon!


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Wondra. said...

Definitely not preggos! Lol. (Had a test not too long ago.) I had a dream about vibrators the other night...That's wierd, huh? Lol. 633 words is better than nothing! Keep at it though! Don't give up! :)