Tuesday, September 09, 2008

finally, blogger cooperated! here is my absolutely fabulous craft desk! floor to ceiling
(and we've got 10 ft. ceilings!) there are a few sci fi books on the top middle section, and some paperwork in the middle. but everything else is craft supplies or books! i'd like to get or make some prettier storage containers..mabey i'll cover my exsiting ones with decorated scrapbook paper, since i have tons of it! i've still got three or four fourty gallon totes in my closet with yarn, scrapbook stuff, and random crafty things, plus boxes of knitting magazines...i don't know what i want to do with them yet...but really, can a girl have to much craft things?

the desk itself was made for my brother for his birthday by my step dad...my dad is so handy! it was then taken over by my mom when my brother was shipped out and became her craft desk, but i moved in shortly after that and i'm in my brothers old room (he took over my old room after i moved out!), but the desk had to stay because it was to big to get out the door (yes, the desk was built in the room!) but, i really like it, and i don't have to find art to cover the bland white walls, and my funky leopard bench fits perfectly under it!

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wondra said...

I'm so jealous. That desk is huge. Do we get to see pictures of your new kitty enclosure now too?