Friday, April 03, 2009

uber creative...

Last night I think there was a muse lying in bed with me. Sounds kinky, I know. But, all of last night, all I could think about was creating new and exciting sweaters. I drew out about five designs. Now, all I have to do is figure out the patterns and submit them to various (paying) sites. Mamma needs high speed internet!
I'm almost finished with the back of the bed jacket. It's not very far, but at least it's an accomplishment. Only five more sections to go! I figured with the amount of time I acctually knit, it'll be a section or so a week. I'm going to do the arms at the same time so they're even with each other. I may even do the front two pannels the same way.
I know I'll have a ton more time to knit in a few weeks. Tommarrow I'm going with my mother to look at a house for rent. I've seen the outside, but I don't think I need to see the inside to make up my mind. I've already done so. So, all I'm waiting for is for the construction crew to finish renovations. When I'm living on my own I won't have anyone to talk to except my cats, no cable, no digital converter, so I'll be able to knit a LOT!
One of my mothers co-workers is selling a brand new reclining couch for $75. SWEET! Now I'll be able to have company over!
So, I promise I'll get pics of my knitting and the house up soon. Mabey I'll throw in a couple of my cats, because I know everyone is just DYING to see how they're doing!
Just one more thought....I'm browsing patterns on ravelry and I came across a couple from the new issue of Vogue knitting....I'll have to pick that issue up...there are some really cute peices!

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