Saturday, August 08, 2009

new things

Before I left for Annual training, I stopped at the Yarn store in ER and picked up a few fun finds. The Buttons are military inspired by vogue, and the yarn is patons silk bamboo in orchid. I bought the yarn to swatch for a short sleeve deep v sweater. It's incredibly soft and I can't wait to start on it.

So, my annual training was kind of crappy this year. We stayed in DIRTY barraks in sleezy Grayling. Now, if I were just spending my time on the field it would be one thing. But, we're in the band. Part of our job is to look our best. How can we do that when we're living in filth? Anyway, the beggining of the second week I got a call from my mom saying my great grandmother was sent to hospice. My command ended up being really cool and releasing me, so my squad leader drove me home for the night so I could see her one last time. She ended up dying on Wednsday morning at 3 A. M.
So, I had a crappy AT. I get home and find a package on my kitchen counter filled with goodies from Wales. It didn't fix my broken heart, but it lift my spirits significantly. Inside were the buttons I ordered (although, I only remember ordering one set...I think the second set were a gift.), and the vintage Rudiments of Music book.

And, SUPRISE!! Birthday gifts from Wondra! Thank you so much! My cats really liked the i.d. yarn. It was apparant when I went up to my attic and it was unraveled all across the floor. Not to worry though! It took me about three hours, but I was able to untangle it and wind it back up into a ball....I almost killed my, I googled british military buttons, and I found the two small silver ones. Don't know if you know this Wondra, but the buttons you sent me are almost three hundred years old. No, not almost, ARE!! And they are beatiful..mabey I'll make a doll and use them for eyes, just like in coraline...j/k...I do think I'll use them in my Mrs. Lovett costume though. Anyway, THANK YOU for my presents!!

I bought some more yarn to make more shrugs..I'll be making them in multiple sizes and putting them in my etsy shop. The yarn I picked up is a nice forest green...should fit the falling leaves motif. I'll be starting on a size small tonight. Anyway, I've talked and talked tonight! I'll be back soon!!

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wondra said...

I'm so sorry about your great grandmother. :( It sucks so much that you were already having a bad AT too.

My mum says she saw you recently and that you had applied to a new job, is that right?

I love the colour of that yarn! Bamboo yarn has such a lovely feel to it. I hope you like the yarn I sent for you. :)

What did you think of the book? It's just lovely, isn't it? Are you going to keep it as a collectible or use it as part of a project?

You definitely ordered two sets of buttons. (I just had to check.) I knew the admiral's buttons were pretty darn old and thought you might like them. :) I have a thing for vintage buttons, books, postcards, photos, etc. I didn't realise they would do so well in my shop!

I can't wait until you get your etsy up and running. Did you get the test banners I sent you? I'm just learning how to use photoshop so I thought I'd use you as a guinea pig. ;)