Sunday, February 21, 2010

So, last week my friend and I went to Hobby Lobby to pic out yarn for his girlfriend's scarf. Here is what we picked out!

The yarn is super soft and I think the scarf is going to be really warm! While I was there, I was thinking about my sewing machine, and how all I've done is make a few cat, I decided to get fabric for my very first corset! I picked the st. Patricks day fabric because a) it's my first corset and I didn't want to by $15/yard satin fabric only to ruin it! and b) because St. Patricks day is just around the corner....I don't usually celebrate because St. Patrick was a bastard, but, it's been americanized and it's now an excuse to drink! I was going to wear orange just to be different, but this fabric was SUPER CHEAP!! maybe I'll but orange ribbon on it so I can wear both colors....It can symbolize the unification of north and south Ireland! anyway....I'll post pics when each project is done!

I've also got another project on the needles...I'm a test knitter for a pattern called vines, and I told the girl I'd have it done by the end of's a tank top...i better get working!

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Wondra. said...

I'm going to ignore your corset...You know how I feel about St. Patrick. Meh. But I'm looking forward to the scarf! :) How are your socks going?