Saturday, March 27, 2010

taste the rainbow

I've finished my second bag! I decided not to sell the first one because of a few mistakes I made (plus I REALLY liked the first one and it was my first sewing project, so why would I give it away!!??). Anyway, I wanted to make another one on a tee shirt I didn't like as much so I could practice and not feel bad if it ruined the shirt. Well, turns out I really liked the outcome and it's a super cute bag. Now it's time to post it on etsy!! The colors remind me of skittles.

The lining. Found the perfect plaid to match the purple and blue! :

And, finally, a few action shots! I can't decide which one to use in my etsy...I think my favorite is the first one on the fence. Leave me a message and vote for your favorite one!

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