Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year??

You are probably wondering why I keep adding posts with no pics of my latest awsomeness. (Then again, maybe you know me and know EXACTLY why I have not posted any pictures.) It is because, fellow bloggonians, I am lazy. No, not just too lazy too post a pic. I'm too lazy to even MAKE anything. BUT, I am trying to change my ways. Which is why I'm posting this entry in the first place. I am trying to own up to my laziness and change my ways! I promise my friends that there will be new and exciting bobbles and bits to gander at. To make up for my laziness, I have decided to do a craft a day. Something new EVERY day for a month starting tonight. So, my friends, I will see you soon!


silverblayze said...

You go girl! Get down with your crafty self!!

We should have a craft-a-thin soon.

Wondra said...

Yay! It's good to get crafty. :)

silverblayze said...

Drew--I mentioned you in this post: Thrifty Finds: Eaton Community Hospice