Saturday, October 03, 2009

a few new things

Here are a few projects I've been working on in the past month.

The first is a circular shrug I started at annual training. I set it down for a few weeks when I got home, but picked it up and finished it within two days! I'm so lazy! I could have just finished it in August...oh well. I finished it just in time for fall.

The second is kind of a sneek peek. I've decided that I'm sick of stray litter on the floor from when my cats come out of their box and I had a bunch of balls of yarn laying around that are mad from fabric that have been cut into strips and sewn together, so I decided to make a litter box rug. So, this pic is a sneek peek of my kitchy farmgirl rug. It was hard to knit at first..I'm using size us 15 needles and it's still really tight, but I'm used to it now, so it's going a lot faster. Should be done in the next few days.

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wondra. said...

Ooh. I can't wait to see the kitty tray mat. Did you make the yarn yourself or did you buy it that way? I love your shrug. I wish I was talented enough to knit that! :)