Sunday, October 18, 2009

new etsy items

I didn't do the goals that I set for myself last week. That being said, I DID make three pretty hemp necklaces today while watching "Memoirs of a Geisha". I will be posting these on my etsy shop, but I have to wait for better lighting to take pics in. I think I may walk around in the park and look for some pretty yellow, orange, and red leaves to take them they are:

The first necklace I made was the one with three red wooden beads, the second was the red glass beads, and the third was the three jade green is purely coincidental that they appear in order of production in the pic...

Here is the jade green necklace again. The picture is showing the closure.

And the red wooden bead necklace. I took this pic just after I finished it.

Each necklace only took me about a half hour to make. Not bad. Of course, now I have mild rope burn on my hands...that's why I keep a big bottle of lotion on my end table!

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wondra said...

Nice necklaces. :)