Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have been beating my brains out lately about finances. Money is the BIGGEST stress of my life...well...lack of money anyway. So, it got me thinking. I have the means to make money, I have the talent to make money, and I have the dream. My biggest downfall is that I don't have the mini goals to get me to where I want to be. Where do I want to be? I want to sell my handmade goods and make a fairly decent living at it. Duh. But, the real question isn't where I want to be...because that's obvious...no, the real question is what do I need to do to get there? The answer, I've concluded after a lot of self reflection is to set mini attainable goals. Well...first thing is that I need to finish a project TO sell. But I'm so ambitious that I start a handful of projects at once, then I end up not finishing them..
So, I've decided to create a detailed list of things that I need to do. And I'm going to do this list a week at a time. At first I'll create small attainable goals. Then, as I get used to it, I'll add more to challenge myself a little more.

First list...here goes:
goal 1: Make three coffee cup cozies by the end of the week (Friday)
goal 2: Finish the drop stitch scarf by the end of the weekend.
goal 3: Post the products of goal 1 and goal 2 on etsy.

Unfortunately I missed prime selling time for my favorite holiday..I can't sell Halloween stuff :( But, I'll start making things for Christmas and Valentines day.

Anyway, I think I've talked enough about my problems and my goals. Have a good night.

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Wondra said...

Hey hun. Good luck with your goals. You can totally do it. Here's a tip for your etsy as well: Set up a twitter account and post links to your items. Use #etsy and #handmade in the post to get extra traffic. You can totally make money off it. :)